Chesapeake Elementary School

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Chesapeake Elementary regular school hours are still - 7:15am to 2:15pm.

Mrs. Marianne Annie, Principal


13620 MacCorkle Avenue, Chesapeake,

WV 25315

304 949-1121 --- fax (304) 949-2531


Mr. Stephen Erskine, Counselor/Webmaster



Chesapeake Parent Handbook 2018-19

Please review these documents for the current 2018-19 school year information. Chesapeake Parent Cover & toc 2018 – 19 Chesapeake parent handbook pages 1819

Chesapeake Elementary Wildcat Archery Team 2017

Here is a picture of most of the combined traveling and charity event archery team members for 2017.  There are five members absent from this picture. Congratulations to the 2017 team for earning the 2017 NASP National Community Service Award for the various charity work done throughout the school year.  We are the only recipient…

2016 – 2017 Chesapeake Elementary Parent Handbook

Please click each of the links below to review our information: Cover & table of contents Parent Handbook 2016-17 Parent handbook pages 2016-2017   Please review all of this information and let us know if you have any questions.

Chesapeake Weekly Newsletter

Chesapeake Newsletter– June 9, 2018 — Watch for these gold sheets sent home every Friday or click on the above link!   These newsletters have a great deal of valuable information on them for both upcoming and long term plans for the year.

Archery in the Schools 2016-17

On July23-24, 2015 Chesapeake Archers competed at Nashville TN and set a new team scoring record of 2845 points.  The previous record had been 2699 with the current highest individual competition performance score being 265. A smaller group of 5 students set a new points record in the 3D competition with a score of 1226.  …