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Louisville KY – 2016 US Nationals



(Update) - Congratulations to our team for earning enough points in both the regular target competition and the 3D competition to qualify for the 2016 World Tournament in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on June 24-26, 2016.   They attended the World's in TN last year and this would be the first time a WV school attended 2 consecutive years.   We are extremely proud of our archer's performance.


Good Luck to the Chesapeake Elementary Archery team and the 19 archers they are sending to compete in the National competition on May 12 - 14, 2016.   The students will compete in a Bulls-Eye tournament, 3D Animals, Olympic Long Bow, and an individual shoot sponsored by Centershot Ministries.   The only WV school to compete in all four events.

Also congratulations for Chesapeake Elementary Archery's efforts to support St. Jude's Children Cancer Hospital.  The 2nd year that our school was the only school in all the USA to compete and donate money for this program during every month available.   Overall we have accomplished supporting this cause for 18 months over 3 school years.