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Wildcat Archery

Chesapeake Elementary Wildcat Archery Team 2017

By serskine | Apr 23, 2017 |

Here is a picture of most of the combined traveling and charity event archery team members for 2017.  There are five members absent from this picture. Congratulations to the 2017 team for earning the 2017 NASP National Community Service Award for the various charity work done throughout the school year.  We are the only recipient…

NASP Archery Scoring Statistics

By serskine | Aug 28, 2016 |

Please click the above title and go to the following web page to view many team and individual scores.   You may search using the school, individual archer names, or by certain events / years.  

2016 World Outdoor 3D Tournament – PA

By serskine | Jul 16, 2016 |

This archery season begins early for some of our experienced students.  Our school will participate in the 2nd ever Outdoor 3D Tournament sponsored by NASP and IBO.  This will be August 13th at Seven Springs Mountain Resort near Uniontown PA.  We will arrive at noon and shoot at 1:30pm.  Only 40 schools from across the…

2016 NASP World Tournament – Myrtle Beach SC

By serskine | Jun 13, 2016 |

Good Luck and safe travels to our 18 archers who are attending the 2016 World International Archery Tournament in Myrtle Beach SC from June 23-26.  The archers will be competing in the Bulls-Eye Tournament and the 3D Tournament during their time there.    This is two years consecutively that our school has attended this prestigious level…

Louisville KY – 2016 US Nationals

By serskine | May 4, 2016 |

(Update) – Congratulations to our team for earning enough points in both the regular target competition and the 3D competition to qualify for the 2016 World Tournament in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on June 24-26, 2016.   They attended the World’s in TN last year and this would be the first time a WV school attended…

Nashville TN 2015 World Tournament

By serskine | Aug 13, 2015 | Comments Off on Nashville TN 2015 World Tournament

Louisville KY 2015 Nationals

By serskine | Aug 12, 2015 | Comments Off on Louisville KY 2015 Nationals

Archery in the Schools 2016-17

By wvnet-support | Apr 15, 2015 | Comments Off on Archery in the Schools 2016-17

On July23-24, 2015 Chesapeake Archers competed at Nashville TN and set a new team scoring record of 2845 points.  The previous record had been 2699 with the current highest individual competition performance score being 265. A smaller group of 5 students set a new points record in the 3D competition with a score of 1226.  …