Chesapeake Counseling Program Responsibilities

The following is a list of job responsibilities and areas in which the counselor could be helpful to your family's needs:

Individual Counseling - Students are seen individually to discuss anything they choose. Students are referred to the school counselor by school staff, parents, and themselves by request. The counselor will continue follow-up interventions as needed or requested to help with any issues. Requests may be given in person, by a mailbox note, by email, or by phone.

Small Group Counseling - for example: grief, positive behavior support, others by request

Large Group Counseling - (Developmental Guidance classes 2x each week)
For a list of some of the topics please view the counseling program component page.

NASP – National Archery in the School’s Program – National curriculum to promote the participation and enjoyment of the lifetime skill of archery. This program is also created to increase character education through enhanced self-esteem, social skills, and sportsmanship, while also promoting positive behavior and increased school attendance.

Chesapeake Elementary Archery Coach – Chesapeake maintains a competitive school archery program in which archery lessons are taught and class practice times performed typically once per week. Fifth and Fourth grade participates 45 minutes per week August – May, then individual students who make our competitive team meet an additional 90 minutes per week after school. We traveled to twelve competitions in 2014-15 along with the WV State Tournament in Charleston, the US Nationals in Louisville, and the World Tournament in Nashville, TN.

Webmaster – The counselor is the webmaster for the school and on a weekly basis coordinates all the information that is organized and presented on the regular school website along with the Edline website.

Drama Presentations – Each nine weeks the counselor writes and directs a different 10-15 minute character skit to be performed by various students who have shown character improvements among the 5th, 4th, 3rd, and occasionally 2nd grade levels. These skits are typically practiced during lunchtime and performed during the quarterly awards assemblies.

Student Council – At the beginning of each school year the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are able to vote for those students who they believe show quality character and will represent their class in the monthly student council meetings. These students discuss various current concerns within the school, upcoming programs, or develop new ideas to improve the school environment such as creating our 5th grade Talent show. In 2015 the 5th grade Student Council sponsored creating the Chesapeake Wildcat Little Library in the front area of our school.

Wildcat News - At the beginning of the year students are chosen to be a role in the student newspaper. On a monthly basis students interview the Principal for upcoming news, gather sports and weather information, identify a wisdom quote, and identify a funny joke. Once the students type the material it is submitted to the counselor for final editing and printing.

504 Coordinator – Based upon an established medical need and school documented concerns, some children may be eligible for Section 504 services. If this program may be relevant to your child please contact the counselor for further information.

SAT – The Student Assistance Team is compiled of the Principal, Counselor, a Special Educator, a Regular Educator, the SAT coordinator, and other relevant staff as needed. Any students who are struggling socially, behaviorally, or academically may be referred for an SAT to better establish a collaborative plan of improvement.

Referrals – The counselor helps with referrals for further mental health needs to appropriate outside agencies when necessary or when requests for information have been received.

Attendance - The counselor helps monitor attendance and tardiness for any concerns. If your child or family has an issue arise please contact the counselor to communicate the concerns.

Smarter Balance - The counselor is also the testing coordinator for the school and is responsible for all staff and student training along with initial and post testing preparation and organization.

Mentoring – The counselor leads a school staff and student mentoring program.

Christmas Needs Program – The counselor coordinates a program to provide extra assistance at the holidays for those who choose to participate.

Clothing and Coat Closet – The counselor coordinates a program to collect and distribute coats, clothes, backpacks, and various school supplies throughout the year to those students or families who request help. Supplies may be sent home with the student(s) or families may arrange a time during or after school to collect whatever they may need.

Weekend Backpack Food program - The counselor coordinates a weekly program to provide extra nonperishable food during the weekends for students and families who choose to participate.

Tennis Across America – The counselor coordinates a one time a year tennis trip to the YMCA in Charleston for selected 5th and 4th grade students who have not received the opportunity to previously participate. The students complete 90 minutes of various tennis drills and receive a snack before returning to school.

WVU Tech – The counselor coordinates a field trip to the WVU Tech campus in Montgomery WV for the 5th grade students to participate in activities across many various college fields along with the instruction of college professors and graduate students. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the students’ knowledge of secondary opportunities after high school which are located within their own community at affordable costs.